Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 6...already?!

Wow, it is really hard to believe that we've been in the city for a solid five weeks now. Things have been pretty busy around here the past couple weeks or so (which also accounts for my MIAness). I'll just do a bunch of lists to bring everyone up to speed...who doesn't love a conveniently numbered, easy to follow list?

1. We're finding all kinds of stuff to do.

There is an overwhelming amount of free or nearly-free stuff to do in the city, and armies of people out there to meet. We have yet to get up to the farmer's market in Logan Square (reasons below), but there's that. Additionally, we discovered a strictly-hipster bar called The Whistler within walking distance of our place with free jazz on Tuesdays...and great prices on some tasty cocktails. There's also Grant Park Music Festival going on all summer, with classical, world, and indie bands...all for free!

More recently, we discovered an indie movie theater in Lincoln Park (driving or biking distance) that screens cult classics and another one in Wicker Park that screens classic horror and suspense. Finally, we are trying to plan a backpacking trip out to Rocky Mountain N'tl Park at some point, which, in addition to just being fun, falls right in line with our master plan. Muhahaha...

2. The job situation is...moving along.

I landed something, though! I am trying to maintain a sense of humility about it, as it is certainly not something I want to spend more than the summer doing. I interviewed for the job because it was advertised as a barista position, but it turns out my main objective is to stack sandwiches for absurdly long shifts. The place really believes in a trial-by-fire kind of "training"; I was hired the same day I interviewed and the next day I was behind the counter trying my best to keep up with the festival-goers at Do Division. The "training" seems to consist of verbal slaps on the wrist whenever I make mistakes, rather than proactively ensuring that I know procedures and where everything is (bothersome, but doable). However, I like my coworkers, and that's probably the best I can ask for at minimum wage.

In other news...I got an interview with ACE Tech! *insert squeals of excitement* It's only a preliminary interview, so I'm not getting overly anxious about it (if I am considered as a contender for the positions I'll almost surely have to do a demo lesson in front of administrators and the Department). Without a doubt, it is extremely daunting to be applying for a position in a field where the bulk of my experience is negative, but I am thoroughly convinced that this is something I need to do for myself. The bulk of my student teaching experience should, rationally, tell me that I have no business being in the classroom, but I know better than that. I have a sound teaching philosophy and am innovative when planning and delivering lessons; there are a multitude of reasons as to why my student teaching looked kind of like a combo Legends of the Hidden Temple gauntlet/obstacle course/deathmatch, and a significant portion had nothing to do with me.

tl;dr I'm a better teacher than my experience suggests.

Bryan is also out today for an interview with a place in Northbrook. It's a position for a staff writer who would be responsible for writing product descriptions and marketing for a company that sells eyewear, telescopes, etc. Again, not the most ideal gig, but it MUST be an improvement over the current spamming-the-world angle his current job is taking. So we'll see. We don't know how we'll manage the commute (him to Northbrook and me to the South side, provided I get the job at ACE) with only one vehicle, but as Bryan says: "we'll cross that bridge when we get there".

We're still outfitting the apartment-there are some things that are less-than-livable (like the fact that our toaster is sitting on the floor. or, to get to the closet, you have to trip over the giant air pump for the SleepNumber knockoff that takes up the entire 8" between the bed and wall. or, that we have no patio furniture to speak of. etc. etc.). But once we do, a housewarming party will be in order. :)

In the near future, we're looking forward to celebrating Kendra and Cody's wedding this weekend in Lafayette, in addition to seeing family and celebrating my parent's wedding anniversary, Father's Day, and my brother and sister's birthdays. Whew! Busy times.

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  1. Ah, I'm going to miss this summer in Chicago. I've enjoyed 6 of them and I can't say they will ever get old. Do it up Amanda!