Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello! Welcome! Hi! Greetings! Hola! Salutations!

Whatever. Welcome to the first blog post of Shades That Matter, the arbitrarily named depository for updates about life in fantastic, occasionally-to-rarely sunny Chicago (as well as random observations and musings).

A lot of people have been wondering how things have been going for us since the move, and the answer is, enthusiastically, "pretty darn good". Even though we've only been here about a week and a half, the place is really starting to feel like home. We're happy here. The past week or so has been a lot of time and effort spent getting the apartment to a livable standard, and it's finally finished as of today.

Thank goodness. Not knowing where the measuring cups, printer cartridges, or my underwear were was driving me crazy.

Needless to say, moving into a smaller apartment instead of a larger one had its challenges. A lot of our stuff is crammed into our storage space, including some small pieces of furniture, extra clothes that are out of season, and, most tragically, The Boy's drumset. Unfortunately, space simply will not allow him to practice in the apartment (unless more rearranging is in order. Hint: NOT happening). We've both had to make sacrifices as to what we need and what can be stored, but what we have is feeling pretty good at the moment.

I know some people want pictures of the apartment, and, eventually, there will be, but for now you'll have to be content with pictures of Buster getting comfortable in every place but where he should.

He likes hanging out in the closet amidst my t-shirts. :P

As far as jobs are concerned, we're both still looking. I've applied to several charter schools in the city, as well as a handful of serving jobs. I had an interview with Specialty's yesterday morning for a position as a baker, which would be perfect for me! I mean, c'mon...I would get to wake up at 2 a.m. every morning and then sink my hands into yeast bread dough until noon. Torture? Sounds like heaven to me.

At least I have prospects, which is more than I can say for The Boy, who has been struggling the past week or so. Seriously, someone give this guy a job; it seems as his job sinks into pointlessness and out-right dirty Internet dealing, jobs vaporize in the city. There MUST be resources for people who can read, write, speak, and edit like a pro, but sadly he hasn't been able to find them. Not getting the Groupon job was just stupid...

To finalize, here's a (short) list of stuff we've done so far:
  1. Stanley's Fruit and Vegetables: Fantastic find. The Boy used to go here all the time when he lived in Ukie Village, and now I know why. Fantastically priced, good quality produce. Weirdly enough, this is one part of our budget that will go down instead of up, AND I will be able to cook a much greater variety of meals involving fresh produce. We are currently working through a toddler-sized bag of spinach (I am not kidding that bag is gigantic) in our fridge.
  2. Lula Cafe: This is going to be our kryptonite, I can tell. Delicious, inventive meals that are hearty and fresh. I will definitely be going back, as soon as I get that big-money baking or teaching gig.
  3. New Wave Coffee: Our go-to coffee shop in our neighborhood, selling delightful Metropolis Coffee.
Next week, we hope to go see some free jazz at The Whistler, maybe grab a drink at Estelle's. We'll get more involved with the community and nightlife as we get settled. Also, apartment tour pics imminent.

Here's Buster again, on the TV:

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